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Reprints of Scarce Books From the Past.

An image from a book by Delmer Eugene Croft, reprinted by Telical Books.

We have released the reprint of "Bible Stories and Pictures -- A Wonderful Vintage Christian Book." This book is outstanding for its example of 19th Century Christian artwork.

Click here for The Heart of Lincoln -- An Intimate Look at Lincoln's Ethics and Spirituality

Click here for Reprints of "Horse Breaking" Facsimile Reprint Circa 1910. The original copy was published by Iowa Horse & Mule Breeders Association. of Des Moines Iowa.

Click here for Reprints of "The Gist of It for Healing, Health and Happiness" by Haydon Rochester, M.D., one of the first works in modern times on psychosomatic medicine and the effects of psychology on health.

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