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JesusToken [JSUS] Jesus Token a digital asset on waves platform

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JesusToken [JSUS] Jesus Token a digital asset on waves platform

Jesus Token is a digital asset on waves platform meant to brings awareness to movements focusing on an educated Christian revival that is happening in the world today. We want to bring in the idea of a higher education in virtues, which is one aspect of the mission of Christ. Jesus only rejected those in the end who rejected their fellow human being, so we are also focusing on helping the poor with a very organized plan of tiering rewards. "Repentance" is no longer really taught as a major aspect of helping some of the homeless population, yet the 12 Steps of groups like AA and NA are built on that concept: stopping old behavior that was harmful, making an inventory of one's wrongs and confessing it to another.

We have several plans already set it place, such as the "How the Homeless Can Find a Home" sheet that has already been given by the founder to over 1000 homeless people since 2003 to end homelessness. This year, 2017, it has been amended to include a new pen and has been stapled over blank sheets of paper to give the homeless something to write appointments on. The purpose is a homelessness education project which helps homeless people develop more self-discipline and the positive thinking that is often taught in business. The sheet reinforces the need for homeless people to know what day it is, how to find appointments to get resources, something to write these appointments down on, the reasons for support groups, and health ideas while on the street.

We plan on tiering the homeless we work with into groups by selecting those that are serious about sobriety or those who are homeless and do not have any addiction problems. One way we will do this is by organizing, most likely in churches, drop-in work centers, where homeless people can work on various projects. While we cannot help all the different types of people that the homeless fall into, the most simple way we can employ the homeless for very short periods of time is to do very simple computer tasks, such things as traffic exchanges, cryptocurrency faucets, and other similar activity. Many of the homeless are not able to work more than a few hours a day, let alone to be hired long term. The idea of a short period of time where they can experience creating value by working is a new concept in helping them get rehabilitated.

The Jesus Token helps to create a "decentralized charity" mindset. Anyone can give out these homeless education project kits. The only cost is for a double-sided photocopy and blank paper, and as many new pens as one wants to give out. Anyone can find a public place to have the homeless work. The idea of a church volunteering an empty room is ideal. Computer-based businesses can be done on inexpensive computers. The ideas of cryptocurrency can also be taught to the homeless and so payment can be made in those terms.

As far as capital to pay such workers, it is obvious that an optimal situation would be find homeless people who want to better their lives to such an extent that barter and not just money would be the reward for the value they are creating. The Jesus Token can be exchanged for Bitcoin which can be exchanged for cash to pay the homeless. Churches may be benefited by having the homeless do landscaping, janitorial, painting, or small repairs, and in that way, the Jesus token can be used to help the local church.

One of our other projects is promoting a long term relationship development program that helps people develop family consciousness instead of the mindset promoted often in the media today, one of sex meant only for recreation.

We are also involved in the arts and how in the past, Christianity was a very positive influence on the arts. In silent films, one can still see the strong effects of Christianity on the culture, and while we don't doubt it is still influencing the world and media to a certain extent today, we have selected many different types of arts which will educate people for the purpose of better understanding Christianity. We will also support Christian musicians, poets, actors and artists of all kinds.

We hope to be the "teacher" branch of the five-four ministry "Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers," mentioned in Ephesians 4:11. The world really needs this today. Christianity is very misrepresented. People don't understand that a large percentage of the greatest classical composers in the last fifty years were very dedicated Christians, as were some of the greatest recent painters. Many famous rock stars and actors are serious Christians.

There have been two "Jesus" related cyrptocurrencies, but they do not seem to be serious and seem to have been abandoned. One is another similarity named Jesus token on Waves DEX.

To make sure you are using the right one, our Jesus Token Identifier is:


and the name is JesusToken.

To use JesusToken, you should have the wonderful WavesLite client, which can be installed in Chrome and function as a standalone app. The exchange "DEX" is one of the features of this wallet.

Background of Founder

The founder, Robert Pearson, started ParaMind Brainstorming Software in 1992, and in early 1994 was the Seattle area's first Internet consultant advertising to the general public and small businesses. He has had an interest in helping the unfortunate since his early adulthood, and wrote three books regarding problems that happen to unreached populations in the community. In 2003, he created "How the Homeless Can Find a Home," a four-sided sheet that discusses areas like knowing what day and time it is, having a way to write down appointments and information, and other take-charge information that help homeless people get off the streets.

For over two years he sought to increase what sociologists are calling "social capital" in the homeless. He realized that not only do problematic chronically homeless people have to become trust-able and sober, they need a way to orient themselves toward creating value. Some homeless do orient themselves towards this early own, they become staff members in missions, sell homeless-oriented newsletters, and work at drop in work groups. This creates a natural tiering system among the homeless who are trying to contribute to society and those who see themselves with no ability to do this There is a greater need for drop-in work groups for homeless people that may only be able to work one or two hours at first.

The goal is to find businesses that can use such individuals. One area that Robert Pearson saw profitable was something that he had experience with, being an early Internet user. People could create "Internet real estate" and affiliate links, by just doing a few simple key clicks that can be taught to them. Today, there is a large percentage of homeless under 40 years of age that have ample computer skills. The task is to find public places where small offices can be created that would have four or more computers where these homeless can work. Another task is to find investors in these kinds of affiliate links and marketing tasks who would be willing to take the risk and perhaps introduce some of their own ideas about what kind of sites they want created, products they want marketed, and so on.

Once the competitive nature is taken away from the work environment and the unemployable see that there is an honest bridge between them and the community, more work skills may be developed by them. Presently, people that are somewhat disabled by the trauma of homelessness, or struggling with substance abuse, have very little options for creating value around them. The idea of value create isn't something that is well-established in the community, on how it can be done even outside of the average workplace and home.


There are one billion Jesus Tokens available. 100 million will be airdropped over three years to the general public to distribute value. The airdrops will increase or decrease in size depending on distribution. One can do what they want with them, such as instantly buy and sell them. 200 million will be airdropped in a tiered system where we know the most deserving people are getting them, people who are sincere about their Christianity and about helping the poor. This will probably be the longest airdrop ever so please be patient. It will be done by hand. 200 million will be for bounties. The other half-billion Jesus Tokens will be for special projects, and administrative fees associated with doing on this work.

To qualify for the general public airdrop, have member level status and state "Jesus is just alright with me," with your WAVES address and 5,000 Jesus Tokens will be sent. PM the developer this information. Do not post it in the thread. While it is possible that less than member-level accounts may not be duplicate accounts, it's less probable. So, if you have a less than member-level account, please realize this airdrop is indefinite so you have time enough to build up your member status.

The second general public airdrop.

I created a pdf of the flyer which is easy to make double sided copies of. What I do is just print them on my laser printer and then put a lot of heavy books on top of those sheets, with a larger book at the bottom to flatten it out completely. I let them sit like that for about three hours. I've pretty much never had a paper jam that way.

So, as I mentioned before, it's almost impossible to get people to notice things without money involved, so this airdrop may seem easier than it should but still important to the project.

To get 25,000 JesusTokens, simply make at least ten of these flyers and photograph a picture that shows them with at least the front and back of one showing completely. That is, if you bend over the sheet so I can see one sheet has both sides. Send me a link in a PM or post it on the forum that I posted above.

Here is the PDF.

Since this flyer doesn't manage anything about Christianity I am opening it to the general public.

To qualify for the next tiered airdrop, state "I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior," and tell in a three sentence paragraph how you follow Him, and 25,000 Jesus tokens will be sent. PM the developer this information. If you have a junior member-level account, please make it seven sentences and you are eligible for this airdrop. Newbie accounts and non-serious replies will be rejected but this airdrop will be ongoing so you may have a chance later.

The people who are entitled to these airdrops want to follow the coin's purpose, to promote the Gospel and Social Capital. Mother Teresa said the worst poverty of all is loneless. The Bible says God puts the solitary in families (Psalm 68:6). We believe in doing so the way the early Church did it, one way of which was to care for the poor. We see an original way to do that today is through education of the homeless in various things, such as to show them that they can create value, like working for two hours, or even how to trade cryptocurrency.

For the third airdrop: I've written a book on revival which I am giving away for free in pdf form and which can only be read online in its entirety. It has much of the do unto others mentality as the first few posts I made about the purpose of the coin and the Homeless Education Sheet.

This Airdrop is worth 50,000 JesusTokens.

The book can be found at:

Probably be won't up forever as authors like pastors need to eat, and if I'm seen as an author who just gives away everything they write, that won't be kosher.

Those who want this airdrop will read as much of the book as they can and give feedback on it to me in a personal message. Please write some of your own ideas or at least the ideas in the book you like. Your letter should be at least 500 words. Please write "I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior" in your message header.

The first four airdrops will be open until at least December 25th, 2017.


Translations 150,000 Tokens for each language
Social Media (To be announced)
We need an ongoing graphics person that will work with us, not just send artwork. A bounty of total 500,000 Jesus tokens will be paid upon completion of all artwork needed. Contact us first regarding doing this work.
Website Development
Can be updated by Dev but a good design is needed. The more you can do with it the better
150,000 Tokens

Translations: 150,000 Tokens Finnish and Spanish either done or claimed

Additional Information

This is a copy of the sheet that will feature in an upcoming airdrop:

Homeless Education Project -- How the Homeless Can Find a Home

This is a short help written primarily for the homeless to understand their situation better. It is also written for advocates of the homeless and concerned citizens to help the homeless understand their situation. Some of the homeless may not be able to focus and read a booklet such as this so it is the task of others to help them understand.

It's a very interesting situation now to think about homelessness in America. Millions of dollars are pumped into this cause every year yet there are still many who will die on the street because of extremities in weather and inadequate medical attention. While it is true that there are not always enough beds to go around, many of the problems of the homeless who fall through the cracks is often the result of the homeless not focusing on a solution to their problem, because there really is no central "homeless education project." That is, it is not the day to day, hour by hour, focus of the homeless to get a home. Life on the street can become one big carnival or circus, and by the time it is 6 PM, while still enjoying the ride, one finds that one doesn't have a bed for the night.

I have studied this problem for over 20 years. I've talked to, at times befriended, many of the homeless. Here are tips that have been helpful for homeless people in getting their lives together.

1) Keeping an eye on the time. One of the best tips one can give the homeless is to learn to keep an eye on the time and know what day it is.

2) Try to have an orderly page or book for appointments. Keep them in front of oneself often, and keep reviewing appointments that are made. Steps one and two are important for such things as finding a bed for the night, making and keeping appointments with social services and charity groups.

3) Go to a support group: Go to an AA or Al Anon group even if you don't think you're an alcoholic. Al Anon is for people who have been affected by alcoholics in their life. In both groups, you can just sit quietly and aren't required to talk. These are groups of people that are focusing on making their lives better, so you will learn much from being there. There is also free coffee.

4) Make a study of what groups are offering what services. There are often services such as the YWCA, the Salvation Army, and other missions that offer programs. If you don't believe in the religions of such groups, do not tell them so. It is best to suspend disbelief or at least believe and be thankful for the beliefs of the people who give away such services. You can at least "believe" in a religion that way, that it inspires people to help the homeless. Overcoming your homelessness problem is more important than making known your opinion on religious matters. It is also said in such circles to "fake it till you make it." Maybe after some time of being helped, it will be easier to believe in a God. In your book of information or pages of information also keep a list of the free meal groups. There are sometimes trucks or groups that will feed the homeless on the street. See if you can get a phone number from them to find out where they will be next. Sometimes job banks have free telephones you can use and you may be able to call them there. You might even try sometime to drop in on a church and talk to the secretary to see if they have any services or funding.

5) Make sure to eat as nutritiously as possible (try to get vitamins or at least a multivitamin if possible). Drink plenty of water. Don't retain water or skip going to bathroom as this is unhealthy.

6) Once in a while you will meet a "good Samaritan" type of person. There are some people who will actually look for homeless people to buy them a meal and talk to them for a while. Such people are sometimes cautious about getting too close to the homeless. You have to remember that it is not always safe taking in a homeless person. Many people have been hurt doing so. It is not so much that the homeless are to blame, nor the "normal" people -- it is just the way it is. Having a friend is important, and such a person may give you their phone number. Be sure to respect such people and don't form a grudge against them. Everyone is fighting their own battles. Protect the phone number.

7) Prepare for accidents. Bad things can happen. What will happen if you lose all your information? Will you be able to duplicate it again?

Cool Put positive thoughts in the mind, and keep the mind going in a constructive direction. The thing that turns peoples lives around the most is having a constructive attitude. Affirmations are when you repeat something in your mind. They help you become what you focus on. "I am getting closer to getting a home by working on it daily" is one such affirmation you can use. "I am healthy, sane, and strong" is another one.

9) Be able to ask for help. Not to put a religious spin on this discussion, but often religious ideas are really just common sense ideas. "You have not because you ask not" is a religious slogan and if you look at it, you can see that the more you ask, the more chances are that you will get something. Getting off the street and even getting a job comes when one can focus on asking again and again and not giving up.

You can see, overcoming homelessness is about becoming the best you can be, even without a home. In a world where most people are fitting in one way or another, and less than one percent are homeless, there must be some type of way where people can fit in if they really try. There are options. For those who can not fit in with the religious charities who offer prolonged beds to those wishing to turn their lives around, there aren't as many options, but one fact must remain: that life is not always a party for anyone (nor a pity party if we are strong). Overcoming the homelessness problem takes some degree of self-discipline on the part of the homeless. Homeless advocacy groups who communicate with the homeless and don't drive this fact home are not a very large part of the solution.

First off, there are many homeless who ? one can only say ? have "attitude problems." These are the homeless that you see with signs such as "Please give me money for beer...hey, I'm honest." They are addicted, and proud of their addiction. They can't see the connection between alcohol and drug abuse and homelessness. Although I'm a politically moderate democrat, and not anti-moderate left and even sometimes anti-moderate right, the homeless advocacy groups which seem to promote a kind of do-anything spirit contribute to making homelessness an option for the alcoholic. Instead, they should promote the idea that alcoholism often leads to insanity and always leads to an early death. It doesn?t matter whether or not a real alcoholic has a home or not, they can still die from their disease. Alcoholism and drug abuse also often lead to crime. To say that homeless people do not often have a alcohol or drug problem is not responsible. The truth is, a lot of them do. Many do not, but if we are going to conserve resources that actually do end up going for homeless services, we have to focus on enlightened treatment for the homeless who are alcoholics and drug addicts. We have to confront alcoholics with the enlightened facts of the disease of addiction. It doesn't mean that they are bad people. It means that these are people who need to understand a disease that only they themselves can cure with long patient work.

The second large group of homeless are the mentally ill. Many of the mentally ill however are very anti-psychiatry and even against the ideas and definition of mental health. They may have their own ideas about why they act like they do. These can center around such things as religious beliefs, beliefs about their talents ("I'm really a great musician/writer/artist/etc. and can't be concerned about working"), and other beliefs that become life disabling. You can divide the mentally ill into two types: the kind that can admit they have mental illness and the kind that can't. Of the kind that can admit they have a problem, you can divide them further into the ones that will accept medication and the ones that will not. I'm not saying that a life of medication is the best option for those with mental illness, but many people find out that it was what they needed to get back to an optimal state in their lives. Several people are dual diagnoses also, a diagnoses that can be helpful so that those who have both mental illness and addiction problems can understand themselves better.

Some of the homeless never matured to the point of successfully earning a living because of an early onset of mental illness or addiction. Recovery becomes more about discovering something new than recovering something someone once had. There can be huge areas of shame in a homeless person's life. Often they came from competitive families in which there wasn't much love and wasn't much of a chance for them to shine in life. Recovery becomes a wonderful option for them. If the homeless can get a sound enough mind to just sit quietly in a few AA or Al-Anon meetings, they can begin to feel a part of the community again. Once there they will find out the true story of addiction, the family of alcoholics in recovery, and may gain the power to either recover or if they are not addicts, restore a belief in "normal" people again.

The problem many homeless people experience is not being eligible for services such as Social Security Disability or SSI. But do many of the homeless who have been turned down have the focus or knowledge to keep on knocking on those doors, and keep on submitting applications. Even if you lost your ID or birth certificate: you are an American citizen and it is your right to have a valid ID card. Many homeless believe that if you are turned down once, you are not allowed to re-submit your application. Also, a homeless person who does not admit they are addicted or have a mental illness is at a great disadvantage in the process of getting government benefits. (Anyone who drinks alcohol in the daytime can often call themselves an alcoholic in our country: most alcoholics have a denial that their drinking is normal). Likewise, a homeless person who will not admit mental illness is at a disadvantage in the process. The state likes to give help to those who admit defeat, but isn't as helpful to those who want to treat the homeless experience like a game.

There needs to be a study of self-discipline techniques for many of the homeless to start on this path of getting a home.

It is a wonderful thing when a person can have a second start on life. But this can only come when that person becomes totally honest with themselves about possible faults in their life. This is why true religious conversion or rededication is the thing that works so well for overcoming homelessness. This kind of person becomes someone people can trust. Everyone is basically transparent. When a homeless person is still in addiction, or is capable of stealing, or even of bringing into your house another person who is capable of stealing, such character traits are easily seen by just about anyone. It is not easy to trust a homeless person in your own house, because people have been hurt or things have been stolen. There is nothing hard about being good. There is nothing hard about having faith in God. Objections to living a religious and good life are empty. The bible nor any other culture's religious book says that life is easy or that the rich are always the good people. But it does give promises for those who have deep faith and try their hardest to live good moral and hard working lives. If you're so down that you can't put many of these ideas into practice, at least start with a continuous prayer that somehow life will help you start to be able to put them into practice.

Contact information for those serious about finding housing in the Seattle Area.

Men's Programs Salvation Army ? Must pass a urinalysis and breathlyzer. 1000 4th Ave.
9 Month program.
Union Gospel Mission 9 Month program. 318 2nd Ave Ext. S.
Bread of Life Mission 9 Month program. 975 S Main St.

Women's Programs
Angelines is a good source of information. Talk to the program director at
206-441-3300. The YWCA Emergency Housing number is 206-461-4882.

Always remember: if you don?t like the response you get from one person working at a service, chances are the next day you can talk to someone totally different. Good things come to those who are persistent.

This sheet can be copied and circulated with information pertaining to homeless shelters in your area.

Information for Token Verification from Waves Corporation

1. Your nickname in Waves slack paramind22
2. Information about your project bitcointalk thread, and)
White paper: Main text of whitepaper is at website. A formal PDF is in the works.
Twitter: (TBA)
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3. Information about your asset (Asset ID, Name)4. The short ticker name for DEX platform
Issuer: Robert Pearson -- Waves Address: 3PQFZrLdsgWoQddhZafbmrHvJ2QUwcC62VZ
Identifier: 6peN3GdLXad5KWjHDYwCkqgSWsQ9BYN4pmaMo7ZJDSpi
Name: JesusToken
Details: JesusToken is a digital asset on waves platform meant to brings awareness to movements focusing on an educated Christian revival that is happening in the world today. We want to bring in the idea of a higher education in virtues, which is one aspect of the mission of Christ.
Total tokens: 1000000000.00000000
Reissuable: No
Issue date: 8/11/2017 21:03:53

Short Ticker: Information about getting this is scarce online, TBA, we chose to use JSUS if possible.


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Here is a digital currency we created on the WAVES platform, which hovers around a 400 million dollar market capitalization:

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